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tv   9 News 6pm Next  NBC  October 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MDT

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transparent look into these debates and how the questions are formed. another leading colorado republican is washing his hands of donald trump. former governor bill owens said he cannot stomach the idea of vetting for donald trump. he called him charlatan. his comments on facebook didn't mention who he planned to vote for. he urged republicans to focus on down-ballot races and to rebuild their party. in politics it is often a thin line between a powerful statement and a cheap stunt. we'll let you decide what to
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some to increase a minimum wage. >> reporter: if you make colorado's minimum wage and work full-time, you get a take-home pay of less than $333 a week. subtract housing and is taxes, you have very little. >> $110 a week to live owhich is around15 transportation, for entertainment, for emergencies, for anything else you need. >> reporter: for each of the next three days, state senator mike johnson is going to listen on the $15. >> i think it's kind of tacky and tasteless that they're trying to take situations of poverty and use it as political tactics >> reporter: are the political manager for the group opposed to the wage increase and challenge. >> i've been clear this is in
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part of the problem? and why is it an issue for him, he's complied that pregnancies that result out of rape areifts from god. and i think coloradans deserve answers about that. >> if that comes up tonight, you're talking about all pregnancies. glen has a plethora supported him, called him to drop out. now he's somewhere in the middle. do you know where he is on this? >> yoings it matters that much whether he does or not. he's gotta be able to go out there and talk about his record. when you talk about michael bennett being bipartisan and the fact the last two years he's supported president obama's agenda 100% of the time, you can talk bierms but if you haven't acted that way, accusing your opponent of not being bipartisan
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senator bennett has doubled down on the iran deal. he says he has zero regrets. >> i think you'll hear from michael ben 38 you're safer, a better place because of the iran nuclear deal than without it. >> thank you , gentlemen. looking forward to a great debate tonight. >> thank you. my all-time favorite segment. is the today! the train to the plane. wait for it, no, you know it wasn't. it was down early this morning. it is back up and running tonight. a lot of people have been asking us about the g-line, the line between union station and wheetd ridge, stops in old town arvada. scheduled to open sometime in the fall rtd says. we checked the calendar, and fall lasts until sometime in december, apparently.
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we'll return to history colorado in just a bit. brandon and i take you behind the scenes. here you go, steve. >> i'm anxious, it looks like you're on a field trip. the new g-line means quite a few changes in arvada. some things will stay the same. >> it needs to see something consistent in all those pictures. >> reporter: >> the photos that made us brace our inner historical ner money and awarenessor breast cancer buthis is also about a
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pictures from before and after hurricane on the southern side of the peninsula. >> tracking another hurricane, and a cool front in colorado. cooler air already starting to move in. we're sitting in the mid-60s now. we have current readings around billings and rapid city in the mid-30s. there is not a lot of kitchen coming in with this -- moisture coming in with this system but there is
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isolated shower, thunder and lightning coming across the foothills as well. that's going to settle in, only for one day, and the moisture is so limited. we'll be hardpressed to see a shower. we could use some moisture down here. brief rain and shower on the i-70 corridor. midday clearing, and a warm that up kicks off again on thursday. so tonight, kind of cool and cloudy with areas of fog and drizzle, low at 38. tomorrow chilly, cloudy with fog in the morning and drizzle, 58 will be yo back to the hid 70s on thursday, 80s for friday. weekend looks great. hurricane nicole, the eastern seaboard, very fearful of this storm, looks like it will stay offshore for now. the history colorado center, we're roughly 46 minutes away from the one and only debated in the u.s. senate race.
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should say. i'll be comoderating today. i feel like both of us are going to a funeral or a wedding or something. >> it's not our normal garb in this space. >> it is not. so the questions, who knows the questions that we're going to ask ahead of time? you know them, i know them. and a couple other staffers from 9news, and is phobe else. >> our boss likes to h to make sure there's no naughty words or things like that. when did we finalize our last question for tonight? >> i think we're done. i just made prints bifr ran out to -- before i ran out to talk to you. >> the goal is to have something that's not just a rehash of what they have been talking about for the last six months. the events of the day, and we want to hear from them on pressing issues.
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philosophy on when to interrupt and when to let somebody run? >> i think typically you want to hear from them. if they're talking over each other and the audience can't understand what's going othat's a good time to interrupted. and for time, we gotta keep things on the rails, that's a time to interrupt. otherwise you try to let them go. >> 7:00, the debate between michael and you can influence the course of the debate. vote in live polls on the topics we're discussing so people can see where the viewing public is on the topics. and you can guide the debate by picking a topic. we try not to take over each other at all possibly pobl. and that silent goal daily. >> we don't talk over each other too much do we?
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thanks. >> thank you very much. kind words from you about my mission to raise awareness from breast cancer, and is tough words from one of my competitors. >> you have heard about bachelor ben higgins? >> about to throw some is shade with the political ad i could never afford to place. and a
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we're trying to make a point, trying to raise awareness and money for breast cancer research. but a color can't share what i heard over the last week. but deb what lost to sister to cancer six years ago
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a 9-year supporter. keep the story coming. on a lighter note, one of the guys i'm competing against is ben higgins, the bachelor. he lives in denver. when the numbers are down, sometimes you have to hit first. >> have you heard about bachelor ben higgins? says higgins, a grown man, got trapped in an elevator. who is he hiding! seriously! in steve's 30 years on this earth, he's never once been stuck in an elevator. >> which floor? >> 1, please >> reporter: and his colleagues say he's an excellent elevator operator. always getting them to the right floor. >> bring it.
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the support. you can imagine our joy when we got a news release from the city of arvada with photos from the turn of the 20th century. >> it's become an iconic symbol. >> reporter: the war tower getting a fresh coat of paint just in time for the g-line to launch right next to it. >> when came from individual is wells, and there was no city water supply. >> reporter: check out these historic photos of arvada in 19 ten 10. >> iteallyade armada into is a center that became what it is today >> reporter: so much has changed. one thick remains the same. >> you need to see something consistent in all those picture, of course the water tower. >> reporter: the tower is
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says you're home. people like arvada councilman. >> in my younger foolish days, i will admit to having been on top of this tower. >> reporter: the city couldn't get us up there, but they did give us this video. the view from up there has changed a lot too >> our hilarious web producer allison took a 30-day challenge, drinking a gallon of water every day for 30 days, to be more like beyonce along the way. she discovered some pluses and
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a fair question, why didn't
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candidate? our percentage is 10% on two polls, in this case only the main party candidates passed that threshold. the other half dozen or so candidates in the race failed to meet that threshold. in the propaganda images, comparing trump to goldwater, that wasn't the intent.
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? the billy bush brushoff. new signs he may never return to the "today" show. >> do you think it's fair you' >> more fallout from the infamous leaked video with billy bragging about it. >> his agents are in negotiations with nbc. kim kardashian accuse of faking the parisian rbry. her sister breaks the family silence. >> she's not doing that well. >> taraji p. henson kidnapped as a child. what you never knew about empire's cookie. >> whopeople are going to judge
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with carrie underwood's video. >> ben affleck gets real about raising three kids and how he parents with ex jennifer garner. >> i only play an accountant in the movie. you no for october 11, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." kim kardashian fights back against claims that the robbery in paris was all just a hoax, but we'll begin with billy bush. will there be a tomorrow for him at "today" or will he be fired? we caught upth miles away from rockefeller center. >> do you think it's fair that you've been suspended, billy? >> here's the first sighting of billy bush since his "today" show suspension. >> do you think you've been unfairly treated. >> the morning show host stopped by annence on, california, mall in flip-flops. >> his agents and raptives are in negotiations with nbc about an exit deal in order to clean this up to the extent it can be cleaned up at all.


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